Thomas Meseroll is the Magus: Master of Martial Magic.



With Annette Cascone and Eugene Burger

With Lance Burton at the Magic Castle

With Teller (from Penn & Teller)

With Mark Wilson

Performing for close friend Rudy Tomjanovich

With Diane Bray and the Great Max Howard

Teaching a Martial Arts and Magic Class with Jeff McBride

With Johnny Ace Palmer at S.A.M.

With John Barn and Allan Hayden

With Jordon Wright and Jeff McBride

With Jill Meseroll, Jeff McBride, and Abbi Spinner

With Richard Turner

With Master Paybe and Suzanne

With Larry Hass, George Parker, Larry Darbonne, Eugene Burger, and Bryce Kuhlman

With Mike Caveney, Jill Meseroll, Bert Sperber, Roger Dreyer, Irene and Erica Larsen, John Gaughan, and Max Maven

With Ed Thomas at S.A.M.


Winner 2013 Best Performance in Close-Up, Mentalism & Parlor Magic

Tom wins 3 awards from the Southern California Assembly of the Society of American Magicians

(Photo with Jill and Trevor Meseroll)

Award for Best Innovation and Creativity in Magical Performance

Tom receving the award from Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger at Jeff's Las Vegas Magic School.

(Photo by Lara Pagliese)

Magical Biography

Growing up, Tom loved performing and magic was his gateway into the performance world. From there, he went on to play the drums, act, sing, and even do ballet for a short period.

Tom joined the Society of American Magicians in 1975 and attended his first magic convention in Boston the same year. He attended the SAM conventions in Chicago ‘76, and in Philadelphia ’77 and in 1976 he performed a full stage show at Rider University Theater for about 300 people (for this effort he borrowed Teller’s Selbit Sawing in half and worked with Teller himself on the presentation).

Tom was the lead in a Periwig production of “The Spider” in Princeton, New Jersey. He portrayed Chatrand, the magician for the play, and performed Robert Houdin’s second sight as well as a number of large stage illusions in a vaudeville like setting (not only did he need to learn and memorize all of the code for Houdin’s second sight but he had over 5,000 lines in the play).

Tom attended Lawrenceville Prepatory school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey and went on to attend Bucknell University. While attending Bucknell, he performed juggling routines that were featured in the Bucknellian.

Tom studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Threatre in New York under the tutelage of Sanford Meisner and William Alderson.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dream as an actor, he studied at The William Alderson Acting Studio, while bartending at the Verdi Ristorante Di Musica in the evenings.

In his twenties, Tom combined his martial arts with his magic and took on the name “The Magus: Master of Martial Magic” (Pronounced: Ma-gos). He has performed in large venues including the Hughes Space and Communications, and Boeing Satellite Systems as well as children’s shows and local school performances. He has invented a variety of martial magic tricks including dancing samurai swords, and a sightless vision (complete with play-do over his eyes etc, where he slices a watermelon in half on a audience member’s stomach with a samurai sword completely blindfolded). He also performs shows at local hospitals children’s cancer wards.

Tom is an avid bibliophile of magic books, rare and not. He is an active magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle, in Hollywood) and a member of the international Brotherhood of Magicians as well.

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