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Tom Meseroll
Master Magician Mark Wilson and Tom Meseroll having a
conversation at Toms' book signing at the world famous  
Magic Castle in Hollywood
Winner  2012
Best Performance in Close-Up,
Mentalism & Parlor Magic
Tom Meseroll, The Magus: Master of Martial
Magic wins three cprestigious awards  for the
Southern California Assembly of the Society of
American magicians
(Photo with wife Jill and son Trevor)
Tom Meseroll has spent 40 years
training his Body and Mind in the
Martial and Magical arts.
He has been a martial arts practitioner for 25 years and is
an expert in Okinawan weaponry and skilled in the
Samurai Sword martial art known as IADO. He is a black
belt in Tang Soo Do, and a brown belt in Shotokan Karate.
He is a recent winner of the Jeff McBride Master Class
trophy for Best Innovation and Creativity in Magical
Performance. He is a member of the Society of American
Magicians and is known in magic circles as “The Magus:
Master of Martial Magic� (pronounced "Ma-gos") and has
been performing around the country for over thirty years
in close-up venues as well as large stage shows for over
500.. He is a practitioner of Zen, Yoga and Tai Chi and has
completed of his first novel pertaining to magic, martial
arts, physics, space and the real applications of "The Force"
in the world today currently selling out across the globe!
Thomas Chilton Meseroll is also currently a Director in
the aerospace industry working on Space and
Intelligence programs. He received a Patent Award from
Hughes Space and Communications for theorizing a
method for communicating with the past and the future
using satellites with quantum entangled particle
communication devices. He has a BS degree in
Astrophysics from UCLA and an advanced degree in
Geophysics and Space Physics from the same
institution. He is currently pursuing an advanced
degree in Philosophy from the Philosophical Association
of England. He is an ordained Pastor and has performed
wedding for both CIA agents and magicians (His magical
homily can be seen here) He is a marathon runner and
a bibliophile.
Photo by Lara Pagliese
Tom receving the Award for Best Innovation and
Creativity in Magical Performance from Jeff McBride
and Eugene Burger.
Death defying in Las Vegas"
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With Master Magician Lance Burton
The Magus and Teller
Internet e-mail: Martial_Magician@yahoo.com
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Tom Meseroll Performing the Sightless Samurai on Master Magician
Aaron Crow's Stomach in Las Vegas at Jeff McBride's
Mystery School!
Eugene Burger
(On MAGIC magazine’s list for being one of the most influential magicians of the twentieth century)
"A fabulous tale incorporating Magic, Martial arts and Eastern Philosophy. I loved it! Tom
Meseroll has managed to meld the many forms and philosophies of magic into a marvelous tale of
good and evil. I can't wait for the sequel!!"
Sequel Available on Amazon Fall of 2013 !!
Jon Ochiai
(Movie Critic, 3rd Dan Black-Belt
"Like the discipline of the Martial
Arts, Magus is about surrender to
the Path or the Way in one's own
life. Magus embraces the wonder
and surprise that is life through the
transfomational journey of Nicholas
Thompson. It is all about reclaiming
and discovering one's greatness.
Tom Meseroll brilliantly narrates
and collapses the worlds of physics,
magic and martial arts into one
coherent story. Ultimately, Tom's
Magus is an allegory of mastery in
life. Perhaps, true magic is about
discovering one's own power, and
enrolling others in their own inherent
greatness. The power of the universe
begins with being at one with it. The
Magus expolres these possibilities in
an engaging, and entertaining tale of
wonder and adventure!"
Bob Fitch
(Magician, Actor and Teacher of the
Magical Arts)
"Tom Meseroll’s novel is thought
provoking...Blending of three
interests, i.e. science, magic and
martial arts weaving a very
interesting story with complex,
thought provoking ideas. His image
of such a magician creates the
character in our minds; perhaps one
we'd imagine ourselves to be...
certainly the superhero aspect. I
mean, who hasn't fantasized being
Superman, or someone with
superpowers saving the world.
Perhaps even becoming a magician
is part of that wondrous fantasy of
ours. At any rate we are literally
pulled into the story, wondering what
will come next and what will happen...
hungry for answers.”

I found "Magus, Master of Martial
Magic" to be inspirational, fun and
(one more time) "thought
provoking".....a great read!”
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Magician & Author Tom Meseroll Donates All Proceeds from Las Vegas Book Tour to
Charity -- Feed the Children!
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Finally, the sequel to the critically acclaimed saga of the Magi continues in Magus: Master of Martial
Magic, Book II, Lessons for the Novice, with the protagonist Nicholas Thompson delving deeper into the
mysteries of magic and reality. The tale resumes where Magus, Book I ended. It chronicles the escalating
battle between good and evil in the magical world of the Magi while exploring further the nature of reality
and the deep relationships between magic, martial arts, philosophy, and quantum physics. Edited expertly
by Professor Larry Hass, with an eye for the philosophical, the book is available today at
Createspace and
will be available on Amazon and elsewhere within the week. Kindle version will also be available soon.