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Tom Meseroll
Tom joined the Society of American Magicians
in 1975 and attended his first magic convention
in Boston the same year. He attended the SAM
conventions in Chicago ‘76, and in
Philadelphia ’77 and in 1976 I performed a full
stage show at Rider University Theater for
about 300 people (for this effort he borrowed
Teller’s Selbit Sawing in half and worked with
him on the presentation).
Tom was the lead in
a Periwig production of “The Spider” in
Princeton New Jersey. He portrayed Chartrand
the magician for the play and performed
Robert Houdin’s second sight as well as a
number of large stage illusions in a vaudeville
like setting (not only did he need to learn and
memorize all of the code for Houdin’s second
sight but he had over five thousand lines in the
play…) He is an active magician member of
the Academy of Magical Arts, The Magic
Castle, in Hollywood and a member of the
international Brotherhood of Magicians as
well.. Tom is also a black belt in Tang Soo Do
(Korean karate) and a brown belt in Traditional
Japanese karate, Shotokan. He is an expert at
nunchakus, Sais and fairly accomplished with a
Samurai Sword (a katana) in Iado. In his
twenties Tom combined his martial arts with
his magic and took on the name “The Magus:
Master of Martial Magic” (Pronounced: Ma-
gos). He has performed in large venues at
Hughes Space and Communications, and
Boeing Satellite Systems as well as children’s
shows and local school performances for the
past 20 years. He has invented a variety of
martial magic tricks including dancing samurai
swords, and a sightless vision (complete with
play-do over his eyes etc, where he slices a
watermelon in half on a audience member’s
stomach with a samurai sword completely
blindfolded). He also performs shows at local
hospitals children’s cancer wards. Most
recently he performed in a common room and
at bedsides at the Jonathon Jacques Children’s
Cancer Center at Torrance memorial hospital.
He is an avid bibliophile of magic books, rare
and not. He is also an astrophysicist, a director
of Space and Intelligence Programs for Boeing,
an ordained Pastor, a mystic, and a husband
and a father.
Jeff McBride, Tom Meseroll and Eugene
Burger at the Extended Master Class for
Magicians in Las Vegas
Kozak, Tom Meseroll and Johnny
Thompson in Las Vegas
Tom at Bedside doing close-up at
Miller's Children's Hospital
Magical Biography
Tom's Winning Performance for Best Close-Up Magician 2006
Southern California Assembly of the Society of American Magicians!

An award won previously by Dai Vernon and Al Goshman
The Corporate Events
Tom Meseroll and  his Beautiful Magical Assistant Catherine St. John
Mentalism from a letter mailed
to New Hampshire!
Slicing the threatening banana
Magus Master of Martial Magic
Halloween Sightless Samurai