Friend's Websites
Gay Blackstone, Eugene Burger, Larry Hass & Tom Meseroll
Jeff McBride Mystery School Gathering at Tom Meseroll's Magical House
With Eugene Burger, George Parker, Larry Hass, Gay Blackstone, Steve Silverman, Bob Bolivar, Allan
Hayden, Carol Marie, Just Alan, Aaron Fischer, Phil VanTee, Ed Thomas, John Engman, Doug Slater, &
Tom Meseroll
Melina, Johnny Ace Palmer and Tom at S.A.M. Gathering
Tom and friend Gay Blackstone
Magical Friends:
Magic Castle
Tom Meseroll & Teller
Performing in the Space and Intelligence Highbay
Tom Meseroll, The Martial Magician, with, John Born, 2006 winner of the Golden Cups for best
close-up magician from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and Allan Hayden, creator of the
gambling demonstration film for the F.B.I. used to train new agents and familiarize them with card and
dice scams, experimenting with new close-up technique.
Tom Meseroll
Using magic in the community
“I had been doing magic for children’s parties and a friend asked
me to visit the children’s cancer ward at a hospital where she
volunteers. My goal is to make them happy and to help them
believe in miracles. “I like to give back to the community,”
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A Night out with Friends at the Magic Castle
Photo Left to right: Jeff and Abigail McBride, Erick Eckert (back), Wayne and Becky Phelps,
Tom ( Martial Magician) and Jill Meseroll and of course W.C. Fields, always at the Magic Castle
Tom Meseroll--Magus:Master of Martial Magic
Performing at The Pentagon with Senator Covey picking a card...
Tom Meseroll--Magus:Master of Martial Magic
Performing for his close-friend and Life Mentor Rudy Tomjanovich...
Dr. Brian McLean
(My Brother-In-Law)
Office of Atmospheric Programs
Environmental Protection Agency
Presents A Tutorial on Acid Rain
Tom Meseroll, Diane Bray and the Great Max Howard
(The War Wizard 'Gus Rich')
A Visit to John Gaughan's
Getting Houdini's Autograph
The Turk
Antonio Diablo
John Gaughan and Tom
Robert Houdin's Orange
With friends Mike Caveney, Burt Sperber, Roger Dreyer, John Gaughan, Irene Larsen, and Max
At the Skirball for "Magic & The Mind" Benefit