Thomas Chilton Meseroll

has been performing magic for 50 years. He was a Director in the aerospace industry with a BS degree in Astrophysics and an advanced degree in Geophysics and Space Physics from UCLA. He is an ordained Pastor, a marathon runner, and has practiced martial arts for 25 years.

Combining his martial arts with magic, he is known in magic circles as The Magus: Master of Martial Magic. He has completed two novels apart of a trilogy pertaining to magic, martial arts, physics, space and the real applications of "The Force" in today's world.

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The Magus: Master of Martial Magic saga is driven by main character, Nicholas Thompson, an astrophysics professor by day and a Magic Castle performer by night. Recruited by a member of the Order of the Magi to train in the ways of true power and magic, Nicholas heads to study in a cloister hidden deep within the Pakistan mountains. Through a transformational journey, Nicholas becomes a Jedi-like hero who realizes that the fate of the world is resting upon his shoulders, and that the battle between good and evil is a galactic one.